The importance of the wine accessories

Accessoires vin and Claude Dozorme – get the best wine experience!

When you are a wine lover, then it is important that you pay great attention to the wine accessories. The wine glass is for example crucial for the wine taste. A wine glass for the brand Zalto is one of the best type of wine glasses in the world. The Austrian brand Zalto is known for manufacturing handmade and mouth blown wine glasses. The Zalto wine glasses are light, elegant and truly beautiful created in order to achieve the best wine taste from every sip.

But the wine experience starts already by opening the bottle. Therefore, you can advantageously pay attention to the wine opener as well. Tire bouchon Laguiole or Tire bouchon Sommelier are definitely some of the most impressive wine openers in the world. It is all about creating the complete wine experience. The French manufacturer Laguiole Claude Dozorme is one of only 5 official manufacturers of the Laguiole Cavatappi. They create handmade wine openers from the best natural materials in the world. Cavatappi sommelier is a wine opener with details, solid steel material and also handmade.

In Germany you experience lots of different Weinzubehör. For example in Germany you have to look after the Laguiole korkenzieher – which is the German version of the Claude Dozorme Laguiole. Imagine you invite friends over for a wine evening. You have the best wine glasses – but then you cannot open the wine bottle with elegance. With a Laguiole messer mit korkenzieher then you can open the wine bottle with the greatest efficiency and elegance.